Just a Little Pinch of Help from a Writing Expert (10 ways to make your assignment stand out)

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  1. To write an excellent essay, one must conduct thorough research on a certain topic. Look for a matter that piques your interest or affords you a chance to come up with compelling points of view.
  2. After settling on a subject, the next step is to seek scholarly and trustworthy sources. That takes the longest. Go to the library of a nearby college or institution, or use resources like academic publications and databases online. Irrespective of how hard you look, you may not be able to find what you need.
  3. Think critically about the assignment's prompt and generate multiple thesis statements. The vast majority of schools in the US save written assignments in a keyword-searchable database. If your thesis statement presents a convincing case, it should be filled with searchable terms that academics can quickly locate. When selecting a thesis statement, double-check that it is relevant to the materials you have already gathered, and rest assured that you understand the assignment's requirements.
  4. Maintain the outline's structure at all times. Create your body paragraphs to make it easy to organize your sources in a way that makes sense. Be sure to include both your thoughts and relevant outside sources.
  5. Give concrete points or scenarios with concrete illustrations while discussing specifics. This will help your audience connect with your thoughts and arguments. Use examples from your personal experience and cite relevant studies if possible.
  6. Complement the text with images, charts, an appendix, and a list of references. It establishes the author's credibility with the intended readers of the work.
  7. Be sure you use the correct headers, indents, and fonts, and follow any other guidelines for formatting that may have been provided.
  8. In the preliminary stages of writing a paper, it is important to offer ideas and not exclude any unhelpful sections. The point of a rough draught is to get your thoughts down "as is" so you can polish them up later.
  9. It is recommended to proofread any written work at least twice. At first, proofreading cuts out unnecessary elements of a long document and focuses on improving what's left. Now is the moment to proofread and revise your paper for spelling, grammar, and logic errors. Take on the director role and do your part to finish the greatest possible version. Try reading it out loud to get a feel for the flow and rhythm and to make sure it makes sense.
  10. If your essay comprises an introduction and conclusion, review and revise the keywords, check if you used all the required and desired terms, and make any necessary adjustments.

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